Student-Stakeholder Partnership Aims to Improve Cattaraugus Creek Watershed

Stakeholders sitting in the jury area.

This photo shows the stakeholders sitting in the jury area of the court room and responding to a presentation the students just completed. (Photo by Shaina Souder)

By Shaina Souder
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District


U.S. Army Corps of Engineer, Buffalo District Biologist, Michael Voorhees participated as one of many stakeholders in a Geography Awareness Week event held annually at the University at Buffalo, November 13, 2018.

The event was a held in a courtroom on the University at Buffalo campus where the stakeholders sat in the jury seating area, while students presented one and half-minute “lightning” PowerPoint presentations in front of the judges stand, while all remaining students and guests sat in the back of the room for observation.

Dr. Chris Renschler, associate professor of geography, hosted the event with his Integrated Environmental Management class which consists of approximately 40 undergraduate and graduate level students in Geography, Environmental Science, and Law.   These students presented their ideas for the Cattaraugus Creek watershed to stakeholders to gain a real experience of the process before they enter the workforce.  The focus of the event was on integrated management approaches addressing current water resource challenges in the Cattaraugus Creek watershed.   

“My hope is this provides the students some real experience of what the process is like,” said Renschler reflecting on having their stakeholder-student interaction prior to graduation.  “There will not be any environmental change if we do not have social change.”


Published 11/16/2018

U.S. Army Corps of Engineer

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