Graduate News

Bruce Jackson’s 1964-67 recordings of African American work songs in a Texas prison are now the basis for a play called “The B-Side,” by NYC’s Wooster Group.
For more information on Carla Mazzio's scholarship, see:
In 2015, the English Department submitted its first nominations to the Associated Writing Program’s Intro Journals Project. A literary competition designed to discover and publish “the best new works by students enrolled in AWP member programs,” the Intro Journals Project often serves as a first stepping stone—an entry point—into young writers’ publishing careers. Competition for the prizes is stiff.
This year's riverrun Research Fellowships were awarded to:
Robert and Carol Morris Dissertation Completion Fellowships:
    Shosuke Kinugawa, "Mark Twain's Secret Writings"
    Melissa Schindler, "Black Women Writers and the Spatial Limits of the African Diaspora"

Louis and Joan Slovinsky Dissertation Completion Fellowship:
    Macy Todd, "Countable Man: From the Great Famine to Modernism”