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Faculty News

Our faculty is made up of internationally recognized writers and scholars. 

Professor Carrie Bramen was recently elected Chair of the American Literature Section of the MLA for 2015-2016, succeeding Michele Elam from Stanford.
Walt Hakala, assistant professor of English, was awarded $5,000 from the OVPRED/HI Seed Money in the Arts and Humanities fund for 2015 for his project "Words, Verses, and the World: Multilingual Vocabularies and Indo-Persianate Learning in South Asia.”
The riverrun Teaching Fellowship was given to Eleanor Gold, for her Science Fiction syllabus. She is a fourth-year PhD student whose dissertation examines contemporary literature and culture through a posthumanist lens, where she focuses on encounters with “non-charismatic life” and what that might mean for conservation practice and posthuman ethics.
Associate Chair of English, Stacy Hubbard, sat down with Associate Professor Ruth Mack to find out more about her teaching interests and her current research.
Jody Kleinberg Biehl received the Honor Roll Award for her work with The Spectrum, UB’s student newspaper. The award is given by the National College Media Association which selects one college media advisor each year to honor. The award will be given at a reception for college newspaper advisers on November 2 in Philadelphia.