Carla Mazzio

Associate Professor

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Admissions
Office: 513 Clemens
Phone number: 645-0702
E-mail address:


Renaissance literature and culture, literature and the history of science and medicine, literature and the history of the human body, the history of the book, and the cultural as well as aesthetic history of the inarticulate person or community

Courses Taught


  • Shakespeare in the 21st Century
  • Elegiac Traditions from Sidney to Milton
  • Shakespeare, Science, Epistemology
  • Shakespeare and the Visible World
  • Shakespeare and the Senses
  • Shakespeare and Concepts of Value
  • Shakespeare: Anatomy, Analysis and the Archive
  • Woolf and Perils of Identity
  • Renaissance Tragedy
  • The Teaching of Literature


  • Shakespeare
  • Literature and Science in the Renaissance
  • Literatures of Revenge: Antiquity to America
  • Shakespeare and Hybridity
  • Revenge Drama
  • Renaissance Drama: The Performance of Authenticity
  • Media Aesthetics
  • Reading Cultures
  • Forces of Nature: Shakespeare and the Environment
  • Shakespeare’s Rivals

Works in Progress

  • The Trouble with Numbers: The Drama of Mathematics in the Age of Shakespeare (monograph under advance contract with the University of Chicago Press)

Selected Publications