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Composition Program Writing Skills Sequence

Most UB students follow the ENG 101 – ENG 201 two-term sequence.

International students often take the ESL 407 – ESL 408 sequence, which is considered to be the equivalent to the 101-201 sequence (except that only 101-201 grants Humanities credits).

Exceptions tend to concern test scores or courses taken at other institutions.

The links below will help you to navigate the registration process.

Standardized Exam Scores

Below you will find links to charts that will explain how the HUB system arrives at your placement, which is found in the General Education section of your Academic Advising Report. If you did not send any exam scores, you may find that your placement is missing or that it is set at the default ENG 101 – ENG 201 sequence.

Transfer Courses

Students, and their college advisors, with transfer credit from other institutions can check our existing articulations using the TAURUS system. Students from other institutions can contact the department so that we can consider their courses. We evaluate courses based upon syllabi and other program information. It is the student’s responsibility to provide all necessary information for evaluating courses.

Send the syllabus and two longest writing samples from the course you are looking to transfer to We would especially request research-based writing.

Force Registration

This refers only to the process by which students can be registered for classes when the classes are not full. We operate at full capacity most of the time, and we cannot raise the class sizes, because the room capacities are set by the fire marshal. Force Registration is occasionally required because of a delay in processing of student records (transcripts, test scores, etc.) or because of an error message encountered during a registration window. Here are some scenarios in which Force Registration might be required:

  • a transfer student’s transcript has not arrived or been processed, and the student had taken an ENG 105 equivalent at his/her previous school, and needs to be force registered into a CL2 course
  • a student’s AP English Language and Composition exam score has not arrived or been processed (assuming a score of 4 or 5 that would grant ENG 105), and he/she needs to be force registered for a CL2 course
  • a student reaches the repeat limit (has taken a course twice previously)


Contact Us

Alexander Reid

Associate Professor of English; Director of Composition and Teaching Fellows

digital media studies, rhetoric and composition, professional writing, game studies

325 Clemens Hall

Phone: (716) 645-0691


Douglas Basford

Assistant Director of Composition; Web Designer

Poetry and poetics, translation, science writing, rhetoric and history of science

317 Clemens Hall

Phone: (716) 645-0671


Rick Feero

Director of Composition Computer Lab

Computer-mediated composition, psychoanalysis, American religious thought

126 Clemens Hall

Phone: (716) 645-0720