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ENG 599 Practicum in Teaching

Prof. Alex Reid
Friday 12:30-3:10, Clemens 538
Registration Number: 14253
This course is designed to support and develop TA pedagogy in the composition program at UB. The course will examine foundational and contemporary scholarship and research in rhetoric and composition that addresses first-year composition pedagogy. The course will serve as a forum for the discussion of classroom practices and issues as they arise during the semester and situate those discussions within the context of composition theory. We will investigate the historical development of first-year composition, the current debates regarding such courses, and the potential futures of writing instruction.

Prof. Arabella Lyon
Thursday 9:30-12:10, Clemens 412
Registration Number: 18674
English 599 has two purposes: (1) to support your development as a teacher and (2) to introduce you to the field of rhetoric and composition. Participants in this class have many different types and levels of teaching experiences. Some, such as the coordinators, are quite expert; others are new to teaching in a classroom. Whatever your teaching experience, we will work together to develop our pedagogical theories and practices. Our methods will include both the traditional tools of professional study (reading, analysis, research, critical writing) and also the distinct techniques of composition studies (analysis of student texts, classroom observation, reflections on practice.)

You will be evaluated on your understanding of the issues presented in class and your use of class materials to shape and reflect on your teaching. These activities will help you develop as a teacher and a professional. By the end of the semester, you should be able to place your individual pedagogical practices within the context of larger debates within composition studies. As well, you will be able to compose a syllabus that demonstrates your pedagogical practices.

Extensive students will be required to write reading responses, a book review, observation on another TA’s class, and prepare a brief teaching portfolio (cover letter, teaching statement, and a syllabus). Students taking the intensive version will also write a conference proposal and 10 page conference paper.