UB’s English Department offers students the possibility to design, edit, and produce journals of creative and scholarly work.

Graduate students have the opportunity to work on two internationally recognized, peer-reviewed journals, Umbr(a) and the Emily Dickinson Journal.

Undergraduate Creative Writing students have the opportunity to work on n.a.m.e., which publishes fiction and poetry written by current students at UB.

Edited by Professor Cristanne Miller, the Emily Dickinson Journal  is a peer-reviewed journal that showcases the writing and life of Emily Dickinson in relation to nineteenth-century writers and culture and from current theoretical and critical perspectives. The journal appears twice a year, and features work by the most distinguished scholars in the field and by graduate students making their first foray into publication.

Two graduate students work with Professor Miller every year, as managing editors of the journal, helping with correspondence, copy-editing, securing permissions from authors, and preparing the issue for printing at Johns Hopkins University press.

Umbr(a): A Journal of the Unconscious is an annual journal produced by the graduate students of the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture. Our first issue, "On Badiou," was published in 1996 and since then we have done special issues "On the Drive," "Identity and Identification," "Aesthetics and Sublimation," "Science and Truth," "Polemos," "Sameness," "Ignorance of the Law," "War," "The Dark God," "Incurable," "Semblance," and "Utopia." Our 2009 issue explored the subject of "Psychoanalysis and Islam." These issues have featured work by Jacques-Alain Miller, Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou, Ernesto Laclau, Elizabeth Grosz, Bruce Fink, and Juliet Flower MacCannell among many others.

To inquire about the subscriptions to the journal Umbr(a) please contact:

NAME: is the independently produced annual Undergraduate Literary Magazine edited by undergraduates involved in the Department’s Creative Writing Certificate Program. It publishes creative fiction and poetry from currently enrolled UB undergraduates. Its primary mission is to encourage and foster a thriving and vital community of undergraduate creative writers at UB. It was co-founded in 1998 by Jessica Smith with Matt Chambers, Rebecca Stigge, and Chris Fritton. The faculty advisor is Professor Christina Milletti.

Small Press Activity

Kadar Koli

Kadar Koli seeks to publish work by young poets who have not yet published a full-length book, as well as small gems by more established poets who have not found another outlet.

P-Queue is a journal of poetry, poetics, and innovative prose, dedicated to investigations of hybridity and cross-genre work.  P-Queue has an exciting history of publishing innovative, unclassifiable works from a variety of authors both at Buffalo and across the nation, including Rosa Alcala, Eula Biss, Barbara Cole, Michael Cross, Judith Goldman, Mathew Goulish, Meredith Quartermain, Stephen Ratcliffe, Jennifer Scappettone, Kyle Schlesinger, Sasha Steensen, and Elizabeth Treadwell. We can be found on the web at

Becoming Poetics: An Online Journal

Edited by Associate Professor Ming-Qian Ma and developed by the Poetics affiliated Group at UB, Becoming Poetics functions as a forum for articulating, disseminating, and archiving exploratory and innovative thinking on poetics by UB’s faculty and graduate students, and eventually by poets and scholars nationally and internationally. The journal aims to encourage and promote works that imagine, explore, create, articulate, and conceptualize a new discourse on emerging interdisciplinary poetics in the contexts of the twenty-first century. To this end, it publishes "entries," that is short passages, paragraph statements, or segments of thinking that capture the fleeting insights or the flickering sparks of acumen on poetics in the interstices between academic and creative discourse.

Founded in 1995, theory@buffalo is an interdisciplinary journal of graduate student writing supported by the English Department and the Department of Comparative Literature at UB. We are committed to publishing provocative submissions from young scholars in the international academic community. The journal also offers editing opportunities for English graduate students. Theory@buffalo also features reviews of current books in the fields of Literary Theory, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, and Philosophy.