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Arun Vishwanath

Department of Communication, Associate Professor

Research Focus:  Cyberbehavior, cyberpsychology, consumer behavior, online deception


Contact Information

333 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: (716) 645-1163

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My research focuses consumer behavior and cyber deception.

My research on consumer behavior looks at the diffusion, adoption, and implementation of communication technology among various constituents of users ranging from physicians and patients to employees within organizations and general consumers. As part of this research, I have developed statistical models that predict adoptive behavior and innovator personality, methods to accurately measure the barriers to implementation, and scales for measuring innovativeness, information search efficacy, and technology adoption.

My research on cyber deception looks at why individuals fall victim to phishing and spoofing attacks. My particular focus is on the individual-level psychological and behavioral factors and how they interact with the structural factors within the attack-vector and lead to deception. Based on these, I am presently working on developing likely-victim profiles that could help target interventions to individuals most in need of protection. My emerging research also looks at ways to improve cybersecurity by helping individuals adopt safe online habits and by helping policy makers diffuse technology to protect vulnerable consumers from online deception.  An overview of my thinking can be found by reading op-eds I recently penned in various news outlets: CNNWorld Economic Forum, CNN.