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Arun Vishwanath

Department of Communication, Associate Professor

Research Focus:  Information technology and consumer behavior

Contact Information

333 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: (716) 645-1163

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My research focuses on consumer behavior and consumer information processing. The research on consumer behavior looks at the diffusion, adoption, and utilization of communication technology among various constituents of users ranging from physicians and patients to employees within organizations and general consumers. My research on diffusion theory includes statistical models that predict adoptive behavior and innovator personality, methods to accurately measure the barriers to adoption, and scales for measuring innovativeness, information search efficacy, and related behavior. My research on consumer information processing looks at how individuals use online information while making decisions under uncertainty. Here I look at the content, quality, and structure of information based cues found on consumer websites, blogs, and online news media, and their relative influence on decision making. My present research combines these two research streams and focuses on the effects of information content on the diffusion of innovations. I have written and presented over two dozen articles on diffusion theory and consumer information processing in leading communication and information systems journals and conferences.