Allison Shaw

Department of Communication, Assistant Professor

Research Focus: Interpersonal communication, social influence, behavioral neuroendocrinology, message processing and production

Contact Information

327 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260



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Allison Shaw's primary research interests are in interpersonal communication and social influence/persuasion (both dyadic and group). The research in which she is more recently involved in stems from an interest in understanding human communication behavior more fully. Specifically, it is her belief that in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the process(es) underlying communication it is necessary to examine the social, interpersonal, and environmental factors that affect communication, as well as the intrapersonal cognitive and endocrine factors that affect communication. This interdisciplinary approach to understanding communication behavior is reflected most prominently in her qualifying paper, in which both inter- and intra-personal factors of verbal aggressiveness are considered and examined. This study was conducted in order to understand better the cognitive and hormonal underpinnings that may lead to differences in verbal aggression between people. Additionally, Shaw has conducted a number of studies examining how prenatal biological hormones, such as androgens, affect people’s ability to detect and tell lies, as well as their suspicion and inclination to be deceptive. Finally, she is also interested in examining evolutionary perspectives as they applies to mate choice, examining how nonverbal cues in group settings may differentially affect how males and females select partners.