Thomas Feeley

Department of Communication, Professor

Research Focus: Interpersonal and health communication

Contact Information

354 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: (716) 645-1160

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Feeley, TH. (2009). Big fish should swim in big ponds: Rethinking prolific scholarship in communication. December 2009.

This article questions the value of studies that rank order prolific authors using a sample of journals in the field of communication. Article was rejected for publication from Communication Reports and reviewers overall viewed the tone as too vitriolic and largely didn’t agree with my perspective. 

Feeley, TH, & Lee, S. (2015). Testing the Matilda Effect in communication research: Comparing citation patterns to female and male authors. October 2015.

This article replicates a study conducted a few years earlier by Silvia-Westerwick and Glynn who examined citation patterns to authors in Communication Research and Journal of Communication. Our analysis adds three journals using the same analysis: Journal of Broadcast & Electronic Media, Human Communication Research, and Communication Monographs. After 10 months of review, the reviewers saw little value in replicating the same study, especially when the finding was not replicated. Our results fail to find evidence for a Matilda Effect. 

Feeley, TH., Dietrich, S., & Musone, J. (2014). Replicating the pique technique of compliance-gaining. December 2014.

This paper provides three replications of the pique technique and finds no empirical support the procedure works in compliance rates or average amount of giving to charitable causes.