Thomas Feeley

Department of Communication, Professor

Research Focus: Interpersonal and health communication

Contact Information

354 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: (716) 645-1160

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Recent Publications

Nickels, B. M., & Feeley, T. H. (in press). Breaking bad news in veterinarian medicine. Health Communication.

Lee, S., & Feeley, T. H. (in press). A meta-analysis of the pique technique of compliance-gaining. Social Influence.

Lee, S., & Feeley, T. H. (in press). The identifiable victim effect: Using an experimental-causal-chain design to test for mediation. Current Psychology.

Feeley, T. H., Quick, B. L., & Lee, S. (2016). Using direct mail to promote organ donor registration: Two campaigns and a meta-analysis. Clinical Transplantation, 30, 1564-1569.

Lee, S., & Feeley, T. H. (2016). The identifiable victim effect: A meta- analytic review. Social Influence, 11/3, 199-215.

Quick, B. L., Reynolds-Tylus, T. J., Fico, A. E., & Feeley, T. H. (2016). An investigation into mature adults’ reluctance to register as organ donors. Clinical Transplantation, 30, 1250-1257.

Feeley, T.H., Fico, A.E., Shaw, A.Z., Lee, S., & Griffin, D. (2016). Is the door-in-the-face a concession? Communication Quarterly.

Nickerson, A.B., Feeley, T.H., & Tsay-Vogel, M. (in press). Applying mass communication theory to bystander intervention and bullying. Adolescent Research Review.

Moon, S., Lee, S., & Feeley, T.H. (2016). A Meta-Analytical Review of the Legitimization of Paltry Favors Compliance Strategy. Psychological Reports, 118(3), 748-771.

Quick, B., Reynolds-Tylus, T., Anker, A.E. & Feeley, T.H. (2016). Source and message framing considerations for recruiting mature adults as organ donors through direct mail campaigns. Progress in Transplantation, 26/4, 309-316.