David Aragona

Clinical Assistant Professor

Reseach Focus: Intersection of mass communication and LGBTQ issues, as well as the role of emotion, cognition, and deception in law enforcement and healthcare contexts. 


Contact Information

338 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Phone: (716) 645-2141

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Burke, S., Bekelja Wanzer, M., Aragona, D. (2014, April) Source and Receiver Characteristics Related to Patient Deception. Paper presented at Eastern Communication Association Convention, Rochester, New York.

Aragona, D., Frank, M.G. (2008, May). Judging Deception from Body Movement in Security Contexts: A Preliminary Study. Paper presented for panel presentation at International Communication Association Convention, Montreal, Canada.

Kozey, R., Lackaff, D., Hurley, C., Aragona, D. (2008, April). Effect of coaching on ministry team development. A case study exploration of employee attrition using an agent-based model. Paper presented at Central States Communication Association Convention, Madison, Wisconsin.

Aragona, D., Frank, M.G., Hurley, C. (2007, May). Are there differences in verbal response to structured interview questions between truth tellers and liars? : A partial examination of the Behavioral Analysis Interview. Paper presented in panel discussion at International Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, California.