Elena Svetieva

PhD Student, Department of Communication

Specialty/Research Focus

Emotion, Nonverbal communication, Deception and Ostracism



My main research area is that of emotion and its importance in interpersonal situations such as deception and ostracism, as well as moral behavior. I look at how emotion is expressed nonverbally, how it affects both senders and receivers in communication, and how the emotion we communicate has implications for our subsequent behavior. In my research so far I have examined how facial expressions during an ostracism episode can later predict revenge and retaliation behavior while my dissertation project looks at how a sender’s brief and subtle emotion expressions can (unconsciously) affect the perceiver’s own emotion state as well as the emotion and social judgments they make of the sender. Over the past few years I have also completed projects in emotion effects and embodied cognition in interpersonal deception, message factors in online deception (phishing) and emotional branding using Twitter.