Jian Raymond Rui

PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant 

Specialty/Research Focus

New media, computer-mediated communication, interpersonal communication, and personal well-being


My research focuses on the use and effect of new communication technologies. The foremost question that intrigues me is how people use Internet-based and mobile technologies in a way that can advance their personal well-being and facilitate achievement of their instrumental goals. Thus, helping people purse personal well-being is the ultimate goal of my research. New technologies provide novel opportunities for personal, relational, and social changes via new affordances, but individuals also shape new technologies to their existing needs and lifestyle. I believe this question addresses the trendy phenomenon of customizing new media to facilitate achievement of relational and instrumental goals.

My research uses the classical uses and gratifications framework to explain how and why people use new media to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, I also use other behavioral theories (e.g. social cognitive theory, communication privacy management theory) to refine this classical theoretical framework and explain uses of new media in specific contexts. In addition, by combining theories about computer-mediated communication and interpersonal communication, I study how new technologies influence the process of interpersonal communication, including:

1. self-presentation,

2. relationship development and maintenance,

3. social capital and social support,

4. personal well-being.

In the future, my research will continue to explore how new communication technologies can help individuals manage their personal network, achieve instrumental goals, and ultimately improve their well-being. By using theories and recent findings from different fields, and mixing different research methods, I hope to extend my research beyond the individual level and collaborate with organizations. I look forward to translating my research findings into campaigns that will help people better use these new technologies to improve their life. 

For more information about my research, please click the link to my blog: http://jianraymondrui.blogspot.com/

For more information about me, please click the link to my CV:  https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_N0bpLsi5jhcGlUeDVZdEIxcFE/edit