Kristen Lovejoy

PhD Candidate, Department of Communication

Specialty/Research Focus

Organizational Communication; Public Relations; Marketing; Social Media


My major research has focused on how non-profits use new technologies to increase stakeholder engagement. I find non-profit organizations particularly interesting because they face a different set of organizational issues, which are many times ignored in for-profit organizational research. Although for-profit organizations also have stakeholders, the concept is more prominent in non-profit organizations who often having varying groups of stakeholders: from individuals who benefit from their services to donors who provide the necessary money for these services to the public at large. These various groups of stakeholders need to be engaged in order for the non-profit to fulfill its mission. New technologies are becoming increasingly important to all organizations, but are especially crucial for non-profit organizations who often have very limited marketing budgets and staffing. Finding ways these companies can use new technologies to engage stakeholders cheaply and efficiently is an increasingly important issue for researchers and for non-profit organizations.