Bonnie McCracken

PhD Student, Department of Communication

Interpersonal Health Relations

End-of-life issues; breaking bad news; supportive communication; euthanasia; Veterinary Medicine 



My research focuses on interpersonal health relations. Specifically, I aim to identify strategies health care providers utilize when discussing end-of-life issues, such as breaking bad news, supportive communication, and euthanasia within the Veterinary Medicine context. 

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching style is dynamic, in that it is always a work-in-progress. New ways of providing information are being applied, new learning activities are discovered, and as I adjust my teaching strategy to meet the needs of my students, my professional identity matures. I find teaching communication courses to be a very rewarding experience. The central reward of teaching, I find, is the opportunity to both inspire my students the way my instructors have inspired me and be able to pass forward an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.