Kenton Bruce Anderson

PhD Student, Department of Communication

Specialty/Research Program



New media; interpersonal; persuasion; nonprofit fundraising; nonverbal; Galileo Theory



Currently, I conduct interpersonal communication research with several UB Faculty, including Allison Zorzie Shaw, Matthew Grizzard, and Jacob Neiheisel.  We look at politeness theory (message production, channel selection and face threats), inoculation theory, romantic themes (marriage beliefs, romantic beliefs, moral foundations, popular media), and political communication. I have helped generate four conference papers and three papers in various stages of submission to Communication journals from this work.

I also look at online nonverbal communication, persuasion (sequential messages), and nonprofit fundraising effectiveness. Specifically, I examine Duchenne smiling, images, micro-narratives, and other persuasive elements in online media fundraising campaigns such as KIVA and Indiegogo, under the direction of Graduate Chair Gregory Saxton. I have one paper in Revise and Resubmit status at a Communication journal and my nearly-completed dissertation as a result of this work. I also worked with Dr. Saxton to construct the Communication Department website.

In 2010 and 2012, I taught for the Department at UB-SIM in Singapore for a combined three semesters classes in Communication Ethics, Communication Theory, Media Effects, Persuasion, and Public Speaking, under Dr. Junhao Hong and Dr. Michael Stefanone, successive Directors of the Department's Singapore Program.