Graduating Class 2017

Alex Korchynski

  • Degree: BA in Art History and Material Culture
  • Research Interests: art markets

Originally from Buffalo, Alex received a BA with honors from the University of Toronto in art history and material culture in 2014. After graduation, she worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their Asian and Modern & Contemporary departments, working closely with their curators on exhibition research. Alex has been involved in the antiques and furniture business since high school, and is interested in working in a museum or auction house specializing in design.

Angela Goldberg

  • Degree: BA in Writing
  • Research Interests: Literary arts management / Performing arts management / Community engagement in the arts

Angela Goldberg received a BA in Writing and a minor in Anthropology from Ithaca College in 2010. While in school, her classes focused on a variety of topics, including poetry and grant writing. Since graduating, Angela has lived in the Finger Lakes region where she became immersed in local arts and music. She has worked as a freelance photographer, focusing on live music and promotional music photography. Since June 2014, she has also been a record reviewer and copy editor for an online music publication.  She has worked for the last two years as a legal assistant for an immigration law firm where she has been able to utilize her writing skills. Angela grew up in Buffalo, where the local arts scene solidified her passion for the field. She studied violin in middle and high school, participating in orchestra and local festivals. Her interests include literary management and performing arts management. She is interested in promoting arts and music on a local level.

Claire Saunders

  • Degree: BS in Arts Management
  • Research Interests: Arts funding, advocacy and community engagement

Claire Saunders - born and raised in Buffalo, New York - held a passion for creative endeavors since a young age. The creative arts were her focus point in high school; primarily drawing, visual arts, and photography. Claire then furthered her education through SUNY Empire State College, achieving a Bachelor of Arts Management in 2014. Claire is an active supporter of the local arts community. One of Claire's greatest passion is nurturing children's innate creativity; she has shared her talents in numerous child-based learning centers over the past 6 years. Her goal is to pass on the same love of art to other children, as she discovered in herself at a young age. She is dedicated to advocating the importance of arts access within our society. Claire is currently an Art Instructor at a local paint studio called "Cheers to Monet." Here she is able to teach her painting techniques to children and adults alike. In 2012, Claire interned for a Toronto based company called “Love it Forward”--with the mission of spreading philanthropic acts of kindness in the world. Here Claire was able to gain hands-on experience working within a creative-based company, honing her skills in graphic design, visual arts, and creative marketing.

Hu Die

  • Degree: BA Music Performance
  • Research interest: Music/concert management, social media and the arts

Hu Die obtained a Bachelor degree of the Arts in music performance from Minzu University. As a performer,she has played with orchestras at the Beijing Music Hall, Zhongshan Music Hall, and The Great Hall of The People. As an undergraduate, she was fortunate to participate in planning and organizing various music events on and off campus, which ignited her passion to devote herself to the field of arts management. In 2015, she interned in the Marketing Center of Yanzhao Performance Company.  Following her appointment there, she joined Beijing Octo Culture & Communication Co., Ltd as a content editor and operator of a new media music product that aimed to deepen an understanding of diverse music markets.

Jacqueline Adames

  • Degree: BFA in Fashion design
  • Experience: product development, graphic design, and fashion graphic design

Jian Bei

  • Degree: Visual Arts (Transmedia)
  • Research Interest: Visual Studies, Curating, Contemporary Arts Management, Activism.

Jian Bei obtained her bachelor’s degree from SCFAI in 2013.  She began to work as curator assistant in several international art spaces as an undergraduate student while also maintaining her own art studio to make work in experimental video, installation, oil painting and performance art. After graduation, she started to work as curator at the Si Chuan Fine Arts Museum.  While she gained experience in building networks within the art field, preservation of art works and curatorial approach, she also noted deficiencies in the arts management model employed.  Through her study at UB, she seeks to improve the current model and her integrated skill sets to be a better curator.

Xuanmin Zhang

  • Degree: BFA in Art Education
  • Research Interests: contemporary art and the art industry/market

Xuanmin Zhang's professional study of art began at the age of ten which culminated in a bachelor’s degree in art education at Minzu University of China. At Minzu University, Xuanmin learned the intricacies of many different techniques and mediums, such as oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, etching and moulding, Chinese painting, photography, life sketching, and even Adobe Photoshop. In her senior year, she participated in a one-year exchange program with the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She learned much professional knowledge in art and began to develop a background in business by taking such classes as “The Principles of Marketing,” “International Business,” “Trend Tracking and Forecasting,” and “The Principles of Property Management.” These experiences sparked her curiosity both in arts and in business.

Yuli Cheng

  • Degree: BPh in Philosophy
  • Research Interests: visual art management, contemporary art curating

Yuli Cheng obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy focusing on aesthetics at East China Normal University. She was not only well trained in critical thinking but also familiar with the art administration during her undergraduate career. As an intern at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum and an assistant at Hakgojae Gallery Shanghai, Yuli worked close with directors and curators while helping in dealing with works in publishing, curating and events planning. The experience in art institutions made her reflect on the role of art institutions in today’s contemporary art world. She is also interested in how to create an favorable art environment for visitors, artists and art institutions.