Advocate… at Museums Advocacy Day

Adjunct Professor Andy Finch, February 2016.

Adjunct Professor Andy Finch, February 2016

The term ‘Advocacy’ designates the sets of skills necessary for an arts manager to publically support and recommend on behalf for her or his area in the formation of cultural policy. Advocacy is now viewed as an essential qualification for the high-level arts management professional. Changing socioeconomic and political landscapes alter government policies which in turn effect the day to day management of the arts. 

Each year, we send students to Museums Advocacy Day, sponsored by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).  Our participation is designed to give you the advocacy skills necessary to anticipate, recognize, respond to, or avert policy developments which may affect your ability to effectively manage art. While the focus of this event is on the museum professional, the principles learned can be applied across disciplines. 

Andy Finch, Director of Policy at the Association of Art Museum Directors, has designed a brief study in Advocacy for our students. It starts with an advocacy workshop at UB. Students then participate in Museums Advocacy Day events, attend briefings with museum directors and staff from across the US, and finish by advocating on Capitol Hill with US Congressmen.