The Great Walls, Eli Commins.  Developed and performed with Arts Management students for the Techne event, The Purple State (11/8/2016).

Each semester, the program invites industry professionals to address and workshop with our students in the academic setting.  We strive to provide a diverse offering of guests, both in origin and scope of work, to help our students think outside their cultural and professional norms in experiencing, developing, producing, and managing the arts.

Fall 2016

Many of our guests this semester have been in conjunction with the Techne Institute.  Students engaged in lectures, workshops, and events with the following guests for the even The Purple State:

Eli Commins

Chris Bruno

The Yes Men 


We were also fortunate to have hosted many guests, and two particular guests wrote beautiful articles about the event and our students.

D-Day en Purple State

Présidentielle américaine (Part I)

Présidentielle américaine (Part II) 


Future Guests on behalf of the Arts Management Program:

Erick Lyle - December 2016     
    Erick Lyle is a writer, curator, musician, and underground journalist. His work has appeared in Art in America, Vice, California Sunday Magazine, Huck, LA Weekly, Brooklyn Rail, and on NPR's This American Life. Since 1991, he has written, edited, and published the influential punk/activist/art/crime magazine, SCAM, and he was a frequent contributor to the arts and literary section of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He has played on some 30 records by at least a dozen bands.  The “Erick Lyle Papers, 1991-2010” are archived at the University of Miami. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Spring 2017

Guests brought to the Arts Management program in collaboration with the Techne Institute:

Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nelles - March 2017

Christian Giriat  - April 2017

Joyce Hinterding & David Haines - April 2017 


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