Information for Faculty and Staff

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences website has information on travel and research awards, leaves and sabbaticals, computer and tech support, committee information, and access to bylaws, policies, and procedures for CAS. If you need access to forms, please contact the Arts Management Program Administrator.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School faculty and staff help section has information on Graduate school Policies and Procedures, including the complete manual which provides guidelines for academic standing, admissions, academic integrity, syllabi requirements, and other classroom and academic concerns. They also have accessible links faculty forms, information for DGSs, and award forms.

Office of Educational Innovation & Assessment

This new office merges the Teaching and Learning Center and the Office of Assessment. The Office of Educational Innovation & Assessment (EIA) works with faculty, students, and staff to promote instructional excellence at the University at Buffalo through the use of emerging technologies, evidence-based pedagogy and the latest research on learning, engagement and instructional innovation.   

UB Faculty Affairs

The Faculty Affairs Office advises and assists the Provost on faculty promotion and tenure review process, faculty policies, faculty retention services, under-represented faculty recruitment, faculty development (Teaching and Learning Center), special faculty hiring initiatives, and faculty awards and recognition programs.

Other Useful Sites