Why UB Arts Management?

Arts management programs exist all around the world. What sets the UB Arts Management Program apart is our unique, immersive, and international approach that prepares our graduates to succeed in any facet of arts management.

UB Arts Management students explore Sandleiten in Vienna.

Société des arts technologiques student training and workshops in Montreal, October 2016.

  • We are a small, intimate program where the students work directly with our faculty, which is comprised of experts in their fields.
  • We investigate the management of the arts on all levels, and welcome students from diverse educational and professional backgrounds who wish to join the investigation.
  • We mix theory and practice. With critical courses in law, advocacy, management, and cultural policy, we prepare graduates to tackle the arts management challenges currently facing professionals in the field, and then bring them on site to see those challenges and solutions in action.
  • We are international.  We examine issues and contexts from across the globe.
  • Our students go through the program as a cohort. Students take classes, perform fieldwork, and write their theses and projects together. While interacting with various professionals during their academic studies, students build a professional network with their fellow students and others, which they take with them into the work force.
  • Our graduates work for organizations such as Americans for the Arts, the DeVos Institute, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and the Seattle Opera.

What We Do

We engage students in both research and practice through workshops, site visits, and our immersive summer school.

Our Courses

Our curriculum creates effective arts managers and researchers who create and work from a thorough and critical understanding of the field, its diversity, and its complexities.

Our Events

The UB Arts Management students enjoy access to multiple events, both campus and off, in addition to their coursework and academic trips.