Career Options

Arts managers work where the arts meets the public.  Visible positions include executive and managing directors of theatres, museums, orchestras, and other types of arts institutions and positions. 

Arts managers work:

  • In performing and visual arts institutions as marketing executives, public relations directors, directors of operation, directors of development, community engagement officers, education officers, communication officers, company management, general management, and more.  
  • In not-for-profit organizations as directors, community engagement officers, event managers, and more.  The skill set you develop as an arts manager transfers to any business situation in which an event and an audience meet.
  • In Development/Fundraising offices in both arts related and general not-for-profit organizations.  The not-for-profit sector searches for professionals adept at obtaining resources for organizations and projects.
  • As advocates for arts organizations, arts alliances and coalitions, unions, arts councils, and city, state, and federal government and affiliated agencies.

While our Masters degree is considered a professional degree program, and is therefore terminal, graduates are permitted to continue on in their PhD studies in arts management and related programs.