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Graduate Programs Overview

The Anthropology Department seeks to prepare MA and PhD students who want to gain a strong background in both theoretical and applied aspects of anthropology to pursue academic or professional careers.

Students choosing to pursue master's or doctoral studies in Anthropology may choose to specialize in archaeology, cultural anthropology or physical anthropology.  In addition to the traditional subfields, the department offers opportunities to specialize in the following areas:

Critical Museum Studies

The MA in Critical Museum Studies is a 36-credit pre-professional interdiciplinary program sponsored by the Departments of Anthropology, Art/Visual Studies, and the Arts Management Program. Each has a history of active museum/curatorial practice and has museum collections themselves or direct access to museum collections in Buffalo and beyond. Students will gain a theoretically informed and politically engaged perspective on visualty. Theprogram seeks to explore the institutional structure of the museum—whether dedicated to anthropology, art, or vis-à-vis its own internal workings—and how the museum is itself implicated in the meaning and functioning of images or objects.  

Students may apply for admission to this program through the Department of Art.

Evolutionary, Ecology and Behavior (EEB)

Evolution, Ecology and Behavior (EEB) is an interdisciplinary group comprised of faculty and students interested in the ecological, behavioral and evolutionary processes that give rise to biological and behavioral diversity among plant and animal species. Members are drawn from anthropology, biology, geology, geography, psychology and anatomy. The group’s activities include core courses in evolution and ecology, research seminars, journal clubs and a distinguished speaker series.

The EEB graduate program awards PhD and MS degrees.

Medical Anthropology

The MA concentration in Medical Anthropology provides students a focused program using anthropological theory and methods to understand the environmental and sociocultural factors in disease, disability and human health issues.

Specialty Master's Tracks

  • Cultural Heritage Studies  

This track will train heritage managers, archaeologists, anthropologists, tourist industry managers, law and policy makers, and other professionals in the crucial issues of cultural heritage including cultural heritage in education, contemporary identity formation, cultural creativity, community development and heritage preservation.

  • European and Mediterranean Archaeology

This track combines anthropological and classical archaeologic interests with cross-disciplinary methodologies in European archaeology, including areas like Mediterranean pre- and proto-history and the Roman provinces, where the approaches of the two fields intersect.