Jaume Franquesa

Assistant Professor
Office: 372 MFAC
Phone Number: (716) 645-0404
Email Address: jaume@buffalo.edu


PhD, University of Barcelona
BA, University of Barcelona

Research Interests

Economic anthropology; urban anthropology; anthropology of energy, tourism and cultural heritage; political ecology; political economy; value and morality; urban renewal and gentrification; Spain, Southern Europe.

Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses
APY 106 | Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
APY 199 | Why Have Wealth?
APY 401 | Theory in Anthropology
APY 474 | Cities and Cultures

Graduate Courses
APY 554 | Cultural Anthropology Topcs: Cultural Heritage
APY 619 | Political Ecology: Nature, Capital, and Climate Change

Selected Publications


In press. Dignity and power: Energy, nature and livelihood struggles in Spain. Bloomington, IN: University of Indiana Press. Expected publication: Spring 2018.

2013. Urbanismo neoliberal, negocio immobiliario y vida vida vecinal. El caso de Palma [Neoliberal urbanism, real estate and neighborhood life: The case of Palma 1976-2008]. Barcelona: Icaria [in Spanish, 239 pages].

2010. Sa Calatrava mon amour. Ethnografia d'un barri atrapat en la geografia del capital [Sa Calatrava mon amour: Ethnography of a neighboorhood trapped in the geography of capital]. Palma (Spain): Documenta Balear [in Catalan, 358 pages].  

Refereed Articles

2016. Dignity and indignation: Bridging morality and political economy in contemporary Spain. Dialectical anthropology 40(2): 69-86.

2013. On keeping and selling: The political economy of heritage making in contemporary Spain (plus ‘Comments’ and ‘Reply’ [CA*]). Current anthropology 54(3): 346-369.

2011. ‘We’ve lost our bearings’: tourism, place, and the limits of the mobility turn. Antipode. A Radical Journal of Geography 43(4): 1012-1033. 

2007. Vaciar y llenar, o la lógica espacial de la neoliberalización [Emptying out and filling in: the spatial logic of neoliberalization]. REIS: Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 118: 123-149.

2007. Une valeur foncière d’avenir: l’identité. Le cas du centre historique de Palma (Mallorca, Espagne) [Identity and real estate value. The case of the historic centre of Palma (Majorca, Spain)]. L’homme et la societé 165-166: 45-64.

2005. Heritage Deviations in relation to Town Planning in Ciutat de Mallorca. Journal of Mediterranean Studies 15(2): 427-461(with Marc Morell).