Phillips Stevens Jr.


Phillips Stevens Jr.


Research Topics

Cultural anthropology, religion, cultural change; West Africa, Caribbean

Contact Information

365 Spaulding Bldg 4

Buffalo NY, 14261-0026

Phone: (716) 645-0416


  • PhD, Northwestern University
  • MA, Northwestern University
  • BA, Yale University

Selected Publications

  • 2018  The Sacred Mount: Toward an Anthropology of Sacred Mountains.  In The Archaeology of Mountain Landscapes. Proceedings of the Tenth Anniversary Conference of the Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology, Buffalo, April 2017. Arnau Garcia, ed.  Albany: SUNY Press, forthcoming.
  • 2016  40 Years at Play: What Have We Achieved? Keynote Address delivered at the 40th Anniversary Meeting of The Association for the Study of Play, April 2014.  In Celebrating 40 Years of Play Research: Connecting our Past, Present, and Future.  Play and Culture Studies, Vol. 13.  Michael M. Patte and John A. Sutterby, eds.  Lanham, MD: Hamilton Books/Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 3-18.
  • 2016  Anthropology and Sacrifice. In Diversity of Sacrifice: Form and Function of Sacrificial Practices in the Ancient World and Beyond.  Proceedings of 2011 IEMA Conference.  Carrie Murray, ed.  Albany: SUNY Press, pp. 15-29.
  • 2015  Articles on “Culture and Sexuality” (283-290), “Mystical Genital Power” (pp. 469-471), and “Pollution, Sexual” (913-915) in International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality, Patricia Whelehan and Anne Bolin, eds.  Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • 2015  The Star of Bethlehem: Exploring the Persian Connection. Natural History, April, 36-38.
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  • 2011 (ed.) The Anthropology of Religion: Critical Concepts in Religious Studies. 4 volumes. London: Routledge.
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  • 2008b  Play and Liminality in Rites of Passage: From Elder to Ancestor in West Africa (see 2004a) In Richard L. Warms, James F. Garber, and R. Jon McGee, eds., Sacred Realms: Essays in Religion, Belief, and Society. 2nd ed. New York: McGraw- Hill, pp. 175-185.
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