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Graduate School

Are you thinking about going to graduate school? Start by exploring the possibilities.

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What is Graduate School?

Graduate education focuses on acquiring specialized skills for a profession or to conduct advanced research.

Types of Degrees

  • Master's Degree: Usually takes one or two years to complete. Often, internships or fieldwork is part of the requirements.
  • Research Master's Degree: May involve writing a thesis or taking a comprehensive examination in addition to coursework.
  • Professional and Doctoral Degrees: At the doctoral level there are professional degrees and research degrees. The most common professional degrees are MD for medical or the JD for law. The research doctoral degree (PhD) involves coursework and research training while the final component usually involves original research and reporting on the research through a dissertation.

How to Choose a School?

  • Research graduate programs carefully to choose the one that will best suit your needs and talents.
  • Consider a variety of factors such as accreditation, admission standards, career assistance, cost/financial aid, culture, degrees offered, faculty, location, diversity, facilities, reputation, research/academic focus, resources, size, residency requirements, and surrounding community.
  • Talk with your professors, career counselors, advisers and alumni to help identify the graduate program and university/college that best suits you.