Move Out

students moving out at the university at buffalo

When it’s time to pack up and leave your room or apartment, we’re here to help make the move-out process go as smoothly as possible. 

Make Sure You Check Out

Failure to check out of your room correctly may result in financial penalties. Please follow these steps, as well as any further instructions provided by Campus Living staff. 

These guidelines only apply if you are moving out of your room permanently, moving out for the summer, or moving out for an extended period of time. You do not have to follow these guidelines if you are simply checking out for fall break, winter break or spring break and you plan on returning to UB after the break.

  1. Remove or dispose of all personal belongings, furniture, carpeting, and refrigerators.  All items left (large and small) will be disposed of at your expense.
  2. Dispose of furniture, refrigerators, and large pieces of carpeting by moving them to the loading docks/dumpster for pick up.  Please dispose of these large belongings early during finals week, if possible, to avoid an unmanageable load of trash at the end of the week.
  3. Clean and sweep your room.  See your RA/CA or Hall/Village Office for extra trash bags.
  4. After removing all your belongings from your room/apartment, you must return your key and complete appropriate paperwork at the check-out stations located in your hall or village office.  Be sure to lock your door (bedroom/apartment) when you check out.
  5. Complete a forwarding address card when checking out.  Mail will not be held.  If you do not fill out a forwarding address card, mail will be returned to sender.
  6. Your check will be recorded and you will receive a key receipt.  Please not that no key receipt will be issued for express check outs.  Students who have lost their key(s) must still check out at the hall, area, or village office.  Do not give your key to your roommate or another student or your RA/CA as you will be charge $50 for an improper check out if you do so.
Read All Closing Notices

Please refer to your Check Out Information Packet for additional details.

Don’t throw it out! If you have household items, decorations or other materials that are still useful, UB ReUSE can help find a new owner for your old stuff (and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills).

Learn more about UB ReUSE