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Family Medicine Quarterly Grand Rounds

Dr. Gil Wolfe, Dr. Nicholas Silvestri and Dr. Kinga Szigeti
Farber 144
6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Department of Family Medicine
Kevin Westling at (716) 816-2887 (
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At the conclusion of this presentation participants should be able to Gain appreciation of the prevalence and causes of neuropathic pain Appreciate basic pain pathophysiology as a foundation to understanding mechanisms of action for medications effective in neuropathic pain management. Develop a pharmacological approach to treating neuropathic pain including first and second line agents based on top-tier evidence Describe how electrodiagnostic studies (nerve conduction studies and electromyography) can aid in the diagnosis of patients with suspected nerve and muscle disease. Recognize the limitation of electrodiagnostic studies with respect to their ability to aid in the clinical diagnosis - specifically in the cases of polyneuropathy and radiculopathy. Describe how electrodiagnostic studies can direct proper management of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Differentiate Alzheimer`s disease and Mild cognitive impairment Understand the role of biomarkers in the diagnosis of AD Describe the role of genetics in AD