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Leverage Your DiSC Style

142 Crofts Hall
North Campus
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Free - Registration is open to current faculty and staff only. Registration is REQUIRED.
Organizational Development & Training (Work Life & Services)
645-4459 (
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This course is intended for those who have previously attended the Become a Better Communicator Class. In the introductory class, the fundamentals of the DiSC communication theory were presented and participants identified and gained insight into their own, as well as the other three DiSC styles. This follow-up session will focus on developing your ability to assess the motivations, goals, fears, and intentions of others, better equipping you to adapt how you approach your colleagues in an effective manner. This class will allow you the opportunity to practice and apply what you’ve learned in both individual and group settings. Leveraging your communication style will improve your ability to engage with others in a positive, productive way, producing positive results.