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Digital Communications Transformation (DCT)

UBCMS Hands-On Training Class

320 Crofts Hall
North Campus
9:00 a.m. - noon
Free but must register
University Communications
645-6969 (
Web site:


If you have any difficulty registering for the class, please contact the DCT Help Team

Please Note: We request that offices new to the DCT process first go through a general orientation. (more details).


In this course you will learn:

  • the various UBCMS roles, such as Viewer, Author, Publisher and Advanced Users
  • how to log in to the UBCMS
  • how to familiarize yourself with the UBCMS environment
  • the basics of creating Web pages in the UBCMS
  • the basics of editing and modifying Web pages

You'll benefit by learning:

  • the basics of how to use the UBCMS Web interface
  • how to leverage available templates within the UBCMS
  • the basics of the various components within the UBCMS
  • shared content and tagging concepts

Participants should view the following online training modules before attending a training session: