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Global CINEMAspectives Film & Discussion Series

“Salaam Bombay”

Shraddha Prabhu, Ph.D. Student, Social Work, UB
4 Knox
North Campus
5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Undergraduate Academies and International Student & Scholar Services
Margaret Roche at 645-2258 (
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Tired of being bullied by his elder brother, Krishna sets fire to his brother's motorbike. Angry, his mother takes him to the nearby circus and tells him that he can only come home when he earns 500 rupees to pay for the damaged bike. Krishna finds a job with the circus, but, after running an errand for his boss one day, he returns to find that the circus has packed up and left. Alone and unable to find the money to repay his mother, he travels to the nearest big city: Bombay. There he is robbed of his meager possessions, but befriends the thieves and ends up in the city's notorious red-light district. One of the thieves helps him get a job in a tea stall. He soon finds out that saving money there is next to impossible. To get more money, he and his pals rob an elderly Parsi man by breaking into his house. The boys are apprehended by the police and taken to a juvenile home. Eventually, Krishna escapes and returns to his world of drug-pushers, pimps and prostitutes, still nurturing his dream of one day returning to his mother. Shraddha Prabhu, Ph.D. Student, Social Work, UB, will introduce the film and lead a discussion following the screening.