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Feminist Research Alliance Workshop Series

Entwined Spirits: Cosmological Truths, And Natural Order: Ideas of the "Feminine" in Vodou and Cultural Erasures

Patrick Bellegarde-Smith
Presenter Affiliation:
Univ. of Wisconsin, Oungan Asogwe
207 UB Commons
North Campus
4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Feminist Research Alliance, Gender Institute
(716)645-5200 (
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Spirits, non-sexed by definition, in the Lwa of Haitian Vodou, are gendered emanations of an ideal societal construct, and provide elements for a social contract in which gender parity is extant in all creation. The sophisticated metaphysical intricacies tied to the pedestrian approach of daily existence, reveal millennial wisdom yet untapped in schemes for national development and in (re)construction efforts. And while patterns of thought make a difference, one also has to account for an obdurate international system that yet seeks to control, to define, and to punish at will. Would the Lwa provide ready answers for what ails us, as persons of primary African descent, and as a collective? Presented by the Feminist Research Alliance Workshop, which is cosponsored by the Gender Institute. In addition support was generously provided by The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, the Dept. of Transnational Studies and the Caribbean Studies Program at the University at Buffalo.