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Certified Lean Professional (CLP)

Certified Lean Professional (CLP) Fall 2013

Julie Stiles
Baird Research Park 1576 Sweet Home Road, Suite 206/208
North Campus
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Please call
This certification program, for professionals whose role requires mid-level expertise of Lean tools, begins with an introductory session and continues with specific Lean tools. The Lean tools culminate with "The Kaizen Event" which utilizes a variety of tools to implement a continual improvement project. All sessions are packed with a mix of theory and practice. Candidates will be challenged to apply the theory they have learned in practical exercises drawn from the instructor's experience in implementing Lean, and will be exposed to the challenges faced during actual Lean implementations. They will learn about using metrics to measure improvements and how these metrics need to tie into the organization's bottom line. The final session will include a complete program review and project progress report-out. Specific Lean tools are covered. Candidates will also be encouraged to discuss real-time situations from their workplace, as related to topics covered. Certification requires passing a final exam and completing a successful Lean project at the candidate’s place of work or a qualified host company/organization (candidate must secure arrangements). Successful projects require access to personnel, appropriate data and associated departments where the project is to be performed. Prerequisite: None Sessions: 13