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Alberti Center Colloquium Series

Interrupting the Continuity from School Bullying to Adverse Outcomes in Adult Life: Informing Intervention Research and Practice

Maria M. Ttofi, Ph.D.
Presenter Affiliation:
Institute of Criminology, Univ. of Cambridge
120 Clemens Hall
North Campus
11:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention
Becky Ligman at 645-1532 (
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Longitudinal research has established a strong link between school bullying and adverse outcomes later in life. In a British Academy funded project, a series of interconnected systematic reviews and meta-analyses have shown that school bullying (perpetration and victimization) uniquely contributes to later offending and depression after taking into account pre-existing adjustment problems and other major childhood risk factors. Not all children involved in school bullying, however, go on to experience adjustment difficulties. Some children function better than would be expected given their involvement in school bullying and do not follow, for example, a criminal career path later in life. Various questions subsequently arise: What factors interrupt the continuity from school bullying to later adverse outcomes? What factors enable children involved in school bullying to regulate their behaviour and to lead normal well-adjusted lives in the long run? These questions are addressed based on an ongoing Jacobs Foundation and Newton Trust funded project on protective factors and school bullying. Implications arising from the project research findings for future intervention research, policy and practice are explained. This is a FREE event, but registration is required by November 15th.