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Gender Week

Building Talent: Women, Patronage, and Mentoring

125 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14214
3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Free, registration required
Gender Institute, Dept of Architecture, UB School of Architecture and Planning, The Graycliff Conservancy, AIA
(716)645-5200 (
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Throughout the history of the profession, the architect has been engaged in service to a client. Typically, but not always, that client has selected his/her architect and the two work together to realize a project. However, at times that relationship transcends the typical, and a true partnership is born. Many of our most famous architects were the beneficiaries of such relationships, where clients acted as mentors and patrons to the architect. These noteworthy clients funded the architects’ most important work and often protected the integrity of their designs against obstacles that can derail a project, such as a restrictive budget or competing design agendas.

Have women architects enjoyed such patronage, especially from women? How can women help women develop nationally recognized careers in architecture? This symposium will explore the mentoring of the young architect and the role that a client can have on an architect’s career. Architecture, more than many other careers, is contingent upon the mentoring process. This mentorship begins in architecture school and can continue throughout an architect’s career, but is essential in the early years in the profession, as licensure is based partially on mentorship. The symposium will examine the importance of the client/user to the architectural process and the influence that more women in leadership roles can have on women in the profession of architecture.

Event is free and open to the public, but registration is required.

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