Sight Unseen at Jewish Repertory Theater (Spring 2018)

ArtsOne students with the cast and direcotory of Sight Unseen at Jewish Repertory Theater, April 18, 2018

Arts One students had the opportunity to attend the preview performance of Sight Unseen by Donald Margulie s at the Jewish Repertory Theater. Following the performance, they were able to ask questions of the performers, Constance Caldwell, Josie DiVincenzo, David Lundy and Peter Palmisano, and Director Saul Elkin.

Talk back with the performers and director Saul Elkins

The play centers on Jonathan Waxman, a Brooklyn Jew who has become a very wealthy, critically acclaimed artist—his art works are bought "sight unseen." Happily married, with a pregnant wife, he travels to London for a retrospective of his work. While there, he impulsively decides to journey to the countryside to visit his former model and lover Patricia in the Norfolk farmhouse where she lives and works with her archeologist husband Nick, who is English. She had married this slightly older man in order to remain in England when her student visa expired.

Jonathan, whose father has recently died, is struggling with self-doubt and seeking to regain his artistic inspiration. While in England, he meets Grete, a young German scholar-journalist.

The play unfolds in a non-linear progression, with forward and backward jumps in time that eventually lead to the beginning of the relationship between Patricia and Jonathan, which ended without satisfactory closure.