Neglia Ballet (Spring 2018)

ArtsOne students trying some basic moves

Arts One students learned about ballet in the best possible way, by trying it. Sergio Neglia founder and Artistic Director of Neglia Ballet Artists, gave the class a very basic lesson and shared his journey as an artist with them. 

Many of the students were surprised at how much athleticism is involved in ballet. Here is one of the reviews they wrote:

Like many, this was my first ballet class, and really my first ever exposure to what ballet truly is. To my pleasant surprise, ballet is really not what I thought it would be and in fact, it is much much more than just tip-toeing, doing splits and skipping around on stage.

Sergio [Neglia], our instructor, was a very genuine guy with a great background story and superb teaching ability....I never knew how much strength and flexibility ballet takes and after trying it, I have a whole new respect for it. Its hard to imagine the amount of practice and discipline it takes to become as great as Sergio is at dance. As somebody who goes to the gym regularly, it was tough for even me to replicate many of the moves and positions Sergio was so effortlessly demonstrating.

I enjoyed ballet way more than I thought I would and I am actually considering signing up to take more of Sergio’s classes. What really appeals to me is how healthy it seems to be for the body an how it is a workout, but one where you are having fun and are working on your flexibility at the same time.