Gallery Dances (Fall 2016)

Photo by Phil Hokanson

Dancers invaded the Burchfield Penney Art Center for five amazing performances created to take advantage of different spaces in the galleries.

From November 10 - 13, professional dancers and choreographers will take over the gallery, showcasing their unique artistry, giving audiences a glimpse into Buffalo’s rich dance scene. The program, Gallery Dances, was curated by Jon Lehrer, Founder and Artistic Director of Lehrer Dance, Buffalo’s very own internationally touring professional dance company. Lehrer has also been named as the Burchfield Penney's first dance curator.

Q & A with Jon Lehrer (dance curator) and choreographers/dancers including Nakita Moné, Hayley Sunshine, Kim Vinent, Nancy Hughes, and Melanie Aceto

When the Arts One class visited on Nov. 11, 2016, the rich, cutting edge modern dance community in Buffalo was highlighted. The evening showcased five of Buffalo’s most innovative, up-and-coming modern dance choreographers and performers. Dancers performed throughout the beautiful gallery, giving the audience a breathtaking combination of artistry and visually stunning movement! It was a thrilling opportunity to see the future of dance in Buffalo up close and personal.


7:00 pm Kim Vincent in the Peter and Elizabeth Tower Auditorium.
7:20 pm Center Dance 
in the East Gallery.
7:40 pm ConvergeDance 
in the Charles Burchfield Rotunda.
8:00 pm Moné Dance Company
 in the East Gallery.
8:20 pm Melanie Aceto
 in the Peter and Elizabeth Tower Auditorium.
8:40 pm Q & A with Curator, Choreographers, and Dancers