School Fact Sheets

An effective tool for telling your school or college story, school fact sheets follow a standardized design that reflects the UB brand identity, while allowing each school to share its key messages in an authentic and compelling way.

Attention Senior Communicators*

Use the resources below to create the content for your school’s primary fact sheet. When it’s complete, contact University Communications for approval and layout.  

*If you represent an academic unit or department within a school, please contact your senior communicator.

School Fact Sheet Resources

Download the annotated fact sheet sample and the writing tips below for guidance in writing your fact sheet copy. Create your file in Microsoft Word and please be sure to clearly identify each section. After the copy has been written and approved, University Communications will create the PDF and add it to the School Fact Sheet Index, for easy download.

Annotated School Fact Sheet Example

Download annotated fact sheet sample

Download fact sheet writing tips

Index: School Fact Sheets