Using Taglines

Within higher education, it can be difficult to develop a truly unique tagline that avoids clichéd ideas and structures. (There are only so many words to use within a tagline, and higher education departments often use the same words over and over again.) Taglines can also detract from the master brand and sub-brands, adding an additional message without strong value or deeper meaning.

While we encourage units to avoid the use of taglines, we know that many feel strongly about using them. For units that continue to do so, a tagline should never be locked up with the interlocking UB, the master brand logo or unit-specific logos. It should instead be a separate element that is placed on its own, adhering to the extended clear space rules. Locking it up with the logo reduces the prominence and weight we want the logo to carry.


Visualization of print page with Master brand or unit-specific brand at top and tagline at bottom.
“Here is how” is not a tagline

Additionally, “Here is how” should never be used as a tagline. It also should not be used on its own as a sentence, except in key pieces developed by University Communications and communicators across the university.