Core Facilities

CBLS clean room.

UB’s New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences (CBLS) is proud to house some of the finest technology in the Buffalo Niagara region for your research.

The CBLS is home to the region's brighest minds and cutting edge facilities for genomics, proteomics, supercomputing and much more. We want to put our world-class assets to work for you!

Please see the shared equipment & software page for information about other resources available through our partnerships.

To learn more about our capabilities and gain access to facilities & equipment, please contact:

Smitha James

Associate Director, Scientific Operations and Industry Engagement


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Genomics & Bioinformatics Core (GBC)

Chip research.

UB’s Genomics & Bioinformatics Core offers high-quality services on massively parallel (Next–Generation) sequencing and expression analysis platforms that are enhanced by the analytical services provided by the core’s talented bioinformatics team. The core is dedicated to providing comprehensive and cost-effective results to UB’s scientific community, partner institutes, other SUNY schools, industrial clients and collaborators. Ours is the first next-generation sequencing service provider in Buffalo Niagara.

UB’s Center for Computational Research (CCR)

UB Center for Computational Research.

The CCR is home to Buffalo Niagara’s largest computing system and one of the largest in New York State. This premier academic supercomputing facility is housed in a state-of-the-art 4,000-square-foot machine room on the first floor of the CBLS, where thousands of computers work together to solve problems, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its services include:

Staffed with leading computational scientists, software engineers and database administrators, the CCR offers access to advanced resources, including hardware, software and consulting services. The capabilities here are not just for scientists — local and national corporations use this core facility to process their data.

Our proteomics facility is used by some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Proteomics & Bioanalysis Core (PBC)

The PBC services Fortune 500 companies, such as Merck and Johnson & Johnson, and specializes in proteomics, LC/MS (liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry) and bioinformatics. The facility includes a well-equipped wet-lab devoted to cell culture, biochemistry experiments (for Western-blotting, electrophoresis, ELISA, etc.), column packing, treatment of proteomic samples and preparation for quantitative analysis.