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Bioinformatics & Life Sciences

Economic Impact

UB’s New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences (CBLS) was created to drive growth of the regional economy through innovation in the life sciences. Since its launch in 2002, the CBLS has helped create and retain thousands of jobs, launch dozens of new companies and attract millions of dollars to Buffalo Niagara.  

Our economic impact stems from the groundbreaking research and development occurring every day at the CBLS. By integrating translational research with economic development and business support services, the CBLS provides the foundation for future new business opportunities, growth in existing businesses, attraction of firms and collateral business growth throughout Buffalo Niagara and New York State.

To learn more about our economic impact, please contact:

Kim Grant

Business Development Executive


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Cultivating Successful Collaborations

The CBLS works to help you fulfill your vision, whethere you're a Fortune 100 company or an innovative startup. 

Dozens of new businesses, thousands of jobs, millions of dollars

To date, the CBLS and its commercialization partners have:

  • Contributed to the start of dozens of businesses in Buffalo Niagara; in fact, the CBLS has helped launch 5 – 10 new companies each year since 2001
  • Helped create and retain more than 5,000 life sciences jobs in Buffalo Niagara
  • Yielded as much as a 143:1 return-on investment on state dollars, providing a significant economic impact in the state
  • Provided dozens of local companies R&D assistance and funding on an annual basis through UB’s Center for Advanced Biomedical and Bioengineering Technology (UB CAT)

Empire Genomics — a success story

Empire Genomics is a molecular diagnostics company that is making personalized medicine a reality. Recognizing its vast potential, the CBLS has collaborated with Empire Genomics, providing business development support, marketing support, co-location services, equipment access, validation testing and project funding. The economic impact has been significant, including: 

  • Initial company launch
  • >$2M in cost savings
  • $1.3M in private investment
  • >$3.2M in product revenues
  • 14 new jobs

This assistance has helped Empire Genomics — just one of the dozens of companies that receives assistance from the CBLS — remain competitive in the life sciences industry.

The Impact of UB CAT

UB CAT connects outside researchers and companies with a wide range of resources available through UB, and is a driving force in our region’s economic development.

University at Buffalo Center for Advanced Biomedical and Bioengineering Technology (UB CAT), 2007 – 2013 UB CAT New York State Economic Impact

UB CAT Fiscal Year New Jobs Created
Jobs Retained*
Total Job Impacts Total Non-job Impacts
2007-2008 38 38  $19,482,351 
2008-2009 108 12 120  $42,504,443 
2009-2010 87 92  $40,555,835 
2010-2011 41 44  $23,181,355 
2011-2012 30.5  16  46.5  $28,383,285 
2012-2013 123.5  123  246.5  $64,603,704 
TOTALS** 587  $218,710,973 

*Measurement began in ’08 – ‘09
**109 contracted projects with 47 unique companies ’07 – ‘13

Success Stories

Many life sciences companies have gotten the support they needed through the services offered at the CBLS.