Seminar: Advanced Law and Society Research

Advanced Law and Society Research Seminar.

The Baldy Center created a School of Law seminar that links our students, fellows, and faculty in ongoing conversations with workshop presenters and distinguished speakers. 

Advanced Law and Society Research

Professor Mateo Taussig-Rubbo

This is a seminar for law, graduate, and post-doctoral students who wish to learn about and carry out cutting edge research on law and legal institutions. It builds upon ongoing distinguished speaker and faculty workshop series sponsored by the Law School and Baldy Center. Substantive topics vary with speakers and student interests, and may range across crime, environment, human rights, inequality, international trade, labor, legal profession, race, regulation, and religion.

Participants read the presenters’ papers, attend and participate in the presentations, and meet with the presenters in a small group following the public presentations and discussions. They develop a good working understanding of the main strategies and choices involved in conducting and publishing high quality research. They also have the opportunity to create valuable relationships with visiting speakers, UB faculty members, and fellow students.

Each semester, the seminar meets on Fridays from 12:15 to 3:15p.m. when there is a distinguished speaker or faculty workshop. Students have the option of writing one substantial research paper or three short critical analyses of papers presented by speakers.