Book Manuscript Workshops


Th Baldy Center sponsors workshops to assist UB authors in making their book manuscripts as strong as possible prior to publication. This page contains a listing of Book Manuscript Workshops hosted by the Center since 1999. UB faculty are encouraged to submit applications when they feel they have a manuscript sufficiently developed to benefit from an intensive review by external experts. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Book Manuscript Workshops hosted by the Baldy Center since 1999

Erin Hatton, UB Sociology

"Between Work and Slavery: Coerced Labor in Contemporary America"
Commentators: Allison Pugh, Professor Sociology, University of Virginia; Adia Wingfield, Professor of Sociology, Washington University in St. Louis; Noah Zatz, Professor of Law, UCLA Law

Megan Holland, UB Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy

Two Paths Diverged: Race, Class and Inequality in the College-Going High School, (with e-commentary)  

Jennifer Gaynor, UB Department of Histor
"Intertidal History, Submerged Genealogy, and the Legacy of Coastal Capture in Island Southeast Asia"
Commentators: Barbara Watson Andaya (University of Hawaii), Eric Tagliacozzo (Cornell University), Kerry Ward (Rice University)

Irus Braverman, SUNY Buffalo Law School

“Wild Life: The Nature of In Situ and Ex Situ Conservation”
Commentators: Carrie Friese, London School of Economics & Political Science; James Igoe, Anthropology, University of Virginia; Jamie Lorimer, School of Geography & the Environment, Hertford College; Michael Smith, School of Environmental Studies, Queen's University


Toni Pressley-Sanon, UB Department of Transnational Studies
Istwa: Haitian History, Memory and the Cultural Imagination
Commentators: Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, Department of Africology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; LeGrace Benson, Arts of Haiti


Ellen Berrey, UB Sociology
"Bottom‐Line Diversity: Race and Productive Pluralism in the Post-­Civil Rights Era"
Commentators: Khiara Bridges (Boston University), Douglas Hartmann (University of Minnesota), Nancy Maclean (Duke University)


LaKisha Michelle Simmons, UB Global Gender Studies and American Studies
Within the Double Bind: Black Girlhood, Sexuality, and Segregation in New Orleans
Commentators: Thadious Davis (University of Pennsylvania), Rhonda Williams (Case Western Reserve University


Irus Braverman, UB School of Law
Zooveillance: The Institution of Captivity
Commentators: Jody Emel, Clarke University; David Delaney, Amherst College; David Murakami Wood, Queen’s University

Dinissa Duvanova, UB Political Science
The Power of Association: Collective Goods, Selective Incentives, and Predatory States
Commentators: Scott Gehlbach, Peter Rutland

Carl Nightingale, UB American Studies

Segregation is Everywhere
Commentators: Thomas J. Sugrue, History, University of Pennsylvania; Zine Magubane, Sociology, Boston College; Richard Harris, Geography, McMaster University


Erin Hatton, UB Sociology
TempWORK: The Temp Industry and the Transformation of Work in America
Commentators: Julie Kmec, Washington State University, Sociology; Vicki Smith, UC Davis, Sociology