Life at UB, on and off campus

Compiled by Lauren Newkirk Maynard and Rebecca Rudell

Say Cheese!

Taco salad from Moe’s in the Student Union.

Taco salad from Moe’s in the Student Union.

In 2016, communications major Lisa Cannavale decided to showcase UB’s various culinary creations on Instagram using the handle @UB_Hungry. Impressed by her flair for food photography, Campus Dining & Shops hired her as its social media assistant, and now she’s posting her mouthwatering pics on UB’s official Instagram page, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Some select posts:

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UB Bucket List

(100 things every student should do before graduating)

International tea time.
Number 25.

INTERNATIONAL TEA TIME Whether you’re from Bangladesh or Buffalo, International Tea Time is a delightful way to expand your horizons and make friends. At this weekly meeting organized by UB Counseling Services and held at the Intercultural and Diversity Center, students from the United States and around the world play games, munch on international snacks, and overcome cultural and language barriers in a relaxed, intimate setting—all with a cup of Earl Grey or oolong in hand.

an illustration depicting an DNA Cocktails.

Illustration by Robert Wilder, BFA ’02

DNAiquiris for All!

Rum isn’t typically used in laboratories, but UB’s Coalesce Center for Biological Art is not your typical lab. At DNA Cocktails with Coalesce, a free public event held in April to celebrate National DNA Day, guests learned how to extract DNA from strawberries using rum and pineapple juice—after which they enjoyed tasty cocktails concocted from the same ingredients. The event, in the words of UB biochemist Jennifer Surtees, was “a fun way to demystify what goes on in a lab.” We can toast to that!


“The UB cookie reminds me of the famous ‘Seinfeld’ black-and-white cookie episode in which Jerry Seinfeld wisely proclaims: ‘If people would only look to the cookie, all our problems would be solved.’”

— DAVE HILL, news content manager at University Communications and At Buffalo section editor, in a UB Now feature on the UB cookie [see “Last Look” ]

A Taste of New York

Two years ago, Campus Dining & Shops (CDS) installed four Pride of New York vending machines across the North and South campuses, each stocked with a rotating selection of produce and snacks grown or manufactured in the Empire State. At a time when everyone is talking about “buying local,” we salute CDS for paying more than lip service to the trend.

Below are some recent items spotted in the machines:

  • General Mills cereal cups (Buffalo)
  • Mott’s applesauce (Rochester)
  • Galbani cheese sticks (Buffalo)
  • Fresh fruit from Eden Valley Growers (Eden)
  • Cheribundi juices (Geneva)
  • Upstate Farms yogurt (Buffalo)
ICYMI. Good news worth sharing.

*In case you missed it

BRIGHT KIDS. Our students have netted a record number of awards this year, including two Goldwaters, two Borens and seven Fulbrights (plus one alternate). Needless to say, we’re beaming.

GREAT RATINGS. For yet another year, numerous UB schools and programs, from law and pharmacy to education and English, were recognized in U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking of “America’s Best Graduate Schools.”

EX-CITE-ING NEWS. A paper by UB epidemiologist Jo L. Freudenheim, about the link between gum disease and breast cancer, was one of the top-cited articles published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention in the last two years.

SKATE WINGS AND DRAGON FRUIT. A tasty menu created from unusual ingredients earned UB’s Campus Dining & Shops a silver medal in this year’s Category W Market Basket Competition, a “Top Chef”-like tournament at the American Culinary Federation’s annual conference.

Our top chefs, from left: Jessica Riehle, Amelia Ruiz, Meghan Moynihan, Amber Southerns.

Our top chefs, from left: Jessica Riehle, Amelia Ruiz, Meghan Moynihan, Amber Southerns.

Iron Chef SUNY

Chefs from six SUNY institutions competed on June 22 in the Culinary Competition of the SUNY Culinary Summit, held June 20-22 at UB and elsewhere in Buffalo. Chefs had to prepare a four-course menu that was scored by American Culinary Federation-approved judges.

Photos: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki