Alumni Life: Out of the Blue

Chance encounters between UB alumni around the globe

Taipei, Taiwan

A photo of two UB alumni smiling.
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UB alumni constitute a network of more than 249,000 people worldwide, so it’s no wonder we make some random connections in unexpected places. Sara DiTursi (PharmD ’16) of East Amherst, N.Y., shared her story of running into a fellow Bull while participating in a student exchange program.

“While on a student exchange program in the summer following my third professional year in the PharmD program, I was placed in a community pharmacy in New Taipei City, Taiwan, for six weeks. One day while I was working in the pharmacy, a customer came up to me and said ‘Oh my goodness! I thought I recognized the logo on your white coat. Are you from UB?’ The customer had received a degree in engineering from UB many years ago and had moved back to her native Taiwan following graduation. We were both very excited to see a fellow UB alumnus in such an unexpected place. We spent a good half-hour talking about UB and our time there as students, and were able to snap a photo. It is great how you can find UB alumni in the most surprising places.”


Did you have your own unusual encounter with a UB alumnus? Tell us about it by emailing, and we may share your story in a future issue.