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Every Body’s Got a Type

Have you ever seen someone and thought, “He looks like a football player” or “She must be a swimmer”? Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, but some frames are better suited for a particular sport than others. And just as athletes’ bodies vary, so do their diets. Here’s a look at what a few diets and body types look like by sport.

Left to Right: Jacquis Webb, Leandra Jew, Quate McKinzie, Bryan Lantry, Cassie Shado and Sylvia Russell.

Left to Right: Jacquis Webb, Leandra Jew, Quate McKinzie, Bryan Lantry, Cassie Shado and Sylvia Russell.

Body Types:

1. Football

Varies by position, but for offensive linemen like Jacquis Webb, bigger is better: tall, thick, muscular. A brick wall, basically.

Jacquis Webb, senior Ht: 6'6", Wt: 344.

Jacquis Webb, senior
Ht: 6'6", Wt: 344

J A C Q U I S '  D I E T :  

Breakfast: Three scoops of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, yogurt with nuts

Lunch: Two grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, Gatorade or water

Dinner: Three scoops of penne with chicken (often chicken Alfredo), broccoli

Snacks: Popcorn (throughout the day), turkey sandwich with white bread, provolone, mayo, onion, lettuce

2. Softball

Strength, speed and power are the hallmarks of softball players; as a result, they tend to have a higher BMI than endurance sport athletes. Still, heights and body shape vary by position.

Leandra Jew, senior.

Leandra Jew, senior
Ht: 5'8", Wt: 130

L E A N D R A ' S  D I E T:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with granola (or other crunchies)

Lunch: Chicken or a burger, fruit

Dinner: Pasta with sausage or chicken

Snacks: Fruit snacks, granola bars, fruit

3. Basketball

Again, there are variations by position, but in general height is key. Basketball is also incredibly physical; a long, lean but muscular frame is ideal.

Quate McKinzie, sophomore.

Quate McKinzie, sophomore
Ht: 6'8", Wt: 195

Q U A T E ' S  D I E T:

Breakfast: 2 Clif, oatmeal or granola bars; omelet with cheese, turkey, onion, tomato

After-practice: fruit snacks (to get sugar back up)

Lunch: Salad, steak (medium-well), rice

Dinner: Salad and pizza (chicken bacon ranch)

Snacks: Rice cakes, fruit snacks, granola bars, peanut butter crackers

4. Wrestling

Wrestlers tend to be short and stocky. A low center of gravity helps a wrestler maintain his balance and avoid getting pinned.

Bryan Lantry, junior.

Bryan Lantry, junior
Ht: 5'7", Wt: 133

B R Y A N ' S  D I E T :

Breakfast: Five-egg-white omelet with spinach and a meat, two slices of toast, protein shake

Lunch: Tuna, brown rice, pasta with chicken

Dinner: Meat (chicken, steak or fish), vegetables, brown rice

Beverage: 1.5 gallons of water

5. Volleyball

Similar to basketball, a long, lean body is better, with the addition of wide shoulders to spike the ball with maximum velocity.

Cassie Shado, senior.

Cassie Shado, senior
Ht: 6'1", Wt: 155

C A S S I E 'S  D I E T :

Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, toast with jam

Lunch: Italian sandwich (ham, turkey, salami), Caesar salad

Dinner: Rice topped with stew, bread

Snacks: Granola bars, applesauce, fruit snacks

6. Cross country

Distance runners tend to be thin and have longer legs, which give them a wider stride and allow them to cover more ground.

Sylvia Russell, sophomore.

Sylvia Russell, sophomore
Ht: 5'6", Wt: 119

S Y L V I A ' S  D I E T :

Breakfast: Oatmeal with cranberries, coconut chips, cinnamon, honey and fruit (if available)

Lunch: Vegetarian sandwich from Pistachio’s (cranberries, hummus, spinach, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado and red pepper aioli)

Snacks: Fruit, hummus with pretzels, popcorn, cheese, nuts

Dinner: Rice or pasta with veggies