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Lessons Learned from Popular Culture.

Tim Delaney and Tim J. Madigan (PhD ’99, MA ’98, BA ’85) 

Drawing from the ever-widening scope of pop culture, Delaney and Madigan, professors of sociology and philosophy, respectively, have written a series of short essays ideal for teaching teens the value of thinking critically about music, television and social media. They discuss everything from how Cosmo Kramer from “Seinfeld” would have reacted to the Ice Bucket Challenge to whether “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” may have started the Civil War, with each essay followed by a tidy, one-line summary. (SUNY Press, 2016)

James Belflower and Matthew Klane (MA ’03) 

In this challenging collection of poetry and visual art exploring the legacy of Manifest Destiny, Klane and Belflower blur the boundaries between the two art forms. Each poem is spread over multiple pages—interspersed with topographic map visuals, full-color collages and a series of imagined letters from the wife of William Gilpin (the first governor of the Colorado territory and a businessman of questionable repute)—providing an idiosyncratically layered trip through the history of the American West. (Flimb Press, 2016) 

Path to the Institution: The New York State Asylum for Idiots.
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