locker room

From our house to yours

Interior of the ESPN broadcast studio in Alumni Arena.

In 2014, ESPN signed a 13-year deal with the MAC. Since then, UB’s basketball, volleyball, football and wrestling broadcasts have been orchestrated right here on campus, in the Alumni Arena ESPN Control Room. A small crew manages the audio and visual content to send a seamless series of images from this small, windowless room into living rooms across the country. We spoke with Associate Athletic Director Daniel “Boone” Enser and his team about how each crew member’s contribution ensures that the delicately choreographed process comes off without a hitch.

1. Director and Technical Director

Xavier Riley (BA ’12)

Chooses and makes live cuts between 12 available camera angles during a game, ensuring the viewer receives the most relevant view at all times.

2. Producer

Andy Quinn

Works with ESPN broadcasters to build pregame and in-game packages that highlight game narratives featuring star players, rivalries and team development. 

3. Audio Engineer

John Horton

Uses mixing board to adjust sound levels from various sources, including on-court/field microphones, the broadcasters’ mics and a tablet computer for music.

4. Graphics Assistant

Alessandro Carusone (senior, communications)

Aids expression operator in building graphics, closely watching the game for developments.

5. Expression Operator

Alex Odachowski

Creates all graphics that appear on the ESPN broadcast, updating prebuilt templates with real-time stats while the game is in progress. 

John Heffernan

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